Healthy Living Starter Kit

An Accessible and Inspiring Place To Begin or Reignite Your Health Journey

In this video-based course along with the beautifully designed guide, you'll enjoy eight modules that will inspire you in your health journey. 

The Healthy Living Starter Kit focuses on:

  • Cultivating successful habits
  • Tips for veggie prep
  • Improving and supporting immune health
  • Improved sleep
  • Rewiring the brain for happiness
  • Healthier cell phone habits
  • Cleaning up your beauty care
  • Cultivating a healthy home

You will also receive a template to help you plan out and execute the areas you deem most important to you right now.

This is the place to start!

$12.00 USD

Add the No Sugar Challenge for $5!

The No Sugar Challenge is a one-week self-directed challenge that will help you kick that sugar habit and includes:

  • Beautifully designed downloadable 58-page program guide
  • List of sugars to be avoided
  • Explanation of impact of sugar in the body
  • How to manage cravings
  • Complete 7-day vegan meal plan
  • Complete 7-day paleo (grain-free) meal plan
  • 30 recipes
  • List of snack ideas
  • Shopping list & prep schedule
  • Full list of references