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Enjoy five bonus hours of culinary nutrition learning with with Meghan and incredible guest instructors on a variety of topics including meal prep, food preserving, staple recipes, easy dinner and elixirs.

No Sugar Challenge

Are you ready to take on the No Sugar Challenge?

The No Sugar Challenge will open your eyes to the many places sugar is hiding in your diet that you may not be aware of. It falls under many different names and the damage adds up. 

The No Sugar Challenge is a one-week self-directed challenge that will help you kick that sugar habit and includes:

  • Beautifully designed downloadable 58-page program guide
  • List of sugars to be avoided
  • Explanation of impact of sugar in the body
  • How to manage cravings
  • Complete 7-day vegan meal plan
  • Complete 7-day paleo (grain-free) meal plan
  • 30 recipes
  • List of snack ideas
  • Shopping list & prep schedule
  • Full list of references

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